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I've always preferred to be outdoors. It's me at my happiest. My earliest memories of life are ones outside. Whether it was on my overweight horse with serious digestion issues or my very cool bike with the long seat and colourful beads on the spokes, I was never still. Building tree houses, playing in haystacks and swimming in muddy dams were just what a country kid did. And animals, lots of animals. Pets, farmed or wild - animals have always been a huge part of my life. 


But then you grow up. 


It was on a one-way flight to the US about 5 years ago, just a month after my mother had died that I had an epiphany of sorts. I wanted, or more importantly - needed to feel the freedoms of being outside in nature again. If I couldn't climb trees, I wanted to be under them. I'd swap muddy dams for alpine streams and a flatulent horse for hiking boots and poles. Haystacks became mountains and animals, well, I seek them out everywhere I go. 


Hopefully by sharing my journey back to 'me' through my photography, thoughts and adventures it might inspire you to find your way back to 'you'. 


Thank you so much for stopping by. 




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"The sounds of wisdom can be heard in everything we see."