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Some of the most profound relationships we will ever have are with people we may never meet.⁣

I love a sunrise. Dare I say more so than a sunset. I think there’s something very fresh and unspoiled about the start of a new day. When our feelings of hope and optimism are strong, and the days' page is yet to be written.

Sunrise is also a time when I like to find a high spot, a headland or lookout and gaze down upon the vast imagery of the twinkling lights of the city below..... and just let my imagination run free. I smell the scents of coffee brewing and toast being buttered, of soap fragranced steam and freshly laundered clothes. I see workers coming in from their night shift and detuning in front of a TV, while others get ready to sign-on to their days tasks. I hear plans being made, laughter, crying, worries aired, instructions left, hello's, goodbyes, cars warming up - I listen to it all. I feel the joy and comfort of the parent holding their baby for the first time that day and the tiredness of the employee that had to stay up late working on the project due at nine. I feel sadness at my core for the families grieving, and the ones waking to bad news. I'm elated for the lucky few that get word that their miracle has been granted and things are going to work out well. I'm inspired by, but ever so distressed for the parent who somehow manages to feed their children when there is little to no money to buy food.

In those quiet moments spent up high, I see, hear, smell and feel it all.

There are a plethora of stories beneath those glimmering lights at daybreak, and somehow through imagining them all, I feel connected to them; That we are somehow kindred spirits. And then I realise that we are... because we are all human. We are all just here on earth trying to do the best we can with the cards we've been dealt.

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