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The super power we all possess

I've always considered inner-strength somewhat of a superpower we all possess, but one that many of us don't know how to foster much less harness. Perhaps it's the vagueness of the characteristics associated that leave most to wonder if they have what it takes to wear their invisible cape. While looking online today for what constituted inner-strength, I came upon an article about strengthening it that really resonated. And while the advice may not have us leaping tall buildings in a single bound, the author does make some great points.⁣

When you have a purpose you do your best work, you find your deepest strength. That's when the desire for SOMETHING can transcend the desire for safety. Needing to make a difference overcomes the fear of failing. Greater focus on purpose cultivates the strength and motivation to tackle setbacks.⁣

Decide, commit, and act. Being strong relies on the efficient use of energy. Indecision saps energy and promotes the failure to act, so learn to be decisive.⁣

Don't let fear factor into your decision making.Considering the pros and cons of our decisions is understandable, but be self-aware too. If fear is keeping you from the next step/adventure/challenge, then you are allowing it to defeat you. ⁣

Embrace what scares you. Life can be a constant struggle between what you don't think you can do (status quo) and what you absolutely can do (progress). Strength comes from doing what you thought you couldn't do. When you swap out comfort for challenge, change happens.⁣

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