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Every form of nature has a natural flow...

Every form of nature has a natural flow, an equilibrium of elements, each as crucial to the task of thriving as the next.⁣ —Greta Wilson—⁣

I'm not one to feel sorry for myself for too long, I've always thought it hindered the process of moving forward. That's not to say I'm not a sensitive person... I'm actually pretty emotive - I just try really hard not to let negative emotions take a hold of my life. ⁣

Six weeks ago I took a really awkward fall down an embankment while backpacking in Oregon. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say I banged up my knee and was in a lot of pain. I instantly felt sorry for myself, imagining weeks of healing, possible surgery and rehab, and worst of all, no hiking! I knew if I was to deal with what came next I’d have to get off the pity train at the next station - and so I did. With a brace, a fair amount of sensibility and a great doctor on my side, I was elated to be back out hiking.

And then yesterday happened...⁣

Excruciating calf pain and that feeling of this just isn't right led me to call my fabulous orthopedic doctor for his thoughts. He called me in straight away to do an ultrasound to see what was going on. Even I could see the brightly colored blob (clot) on the screen—a fully occluded vein in my calf (a DVT). An hour later, I was started on a high dosage of blood thinners and warned of the risks associated with both the diagnosis and the treatment. To say I’ll be ever grateful to my doctor for acting so fast would be an understatement. To say I'm anxious at the thought of what’s next is an even greater one. Hopefully this ride on the pity-train will be a short one.⁣

Listen to your body, hear it's rhythms and foster its flow. 💞⁣

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