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The exhilleration of facing your fears

I’ve been living in the US for 5 years now and have hiked a lot of miles in that time. I’d always hoped that at some point I’d see a bear on my trails, but had never prepared myself for the possibility of coming face to face with one ON MY TRAIL. To look up and see a bear about 40 feet ahead on the path I was intending to go on was such a mix of stop you in your tracks fear, confusion and a weird sense of excitement. Being in the middle of binge watching all the seasons of Alone on the History Channel, it seemed natural to start shouting ‘Hey Bear’ in his general direction, so too did reaching for my camera 😁 Acknowledging my loud and commanding ‘hey’ he looked at me for a moment and then decided to go on his way. So I’ve now seen a bear!!!⁣ 👍

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