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There's always a tale of the one that got away...

I think wildlife photography is a lot like fishing, in that it’s always the one that got away that you can’t get out of your head with the ‘if I’d only’s’. The awesome shot you’re not seeing here is a squirrel running right over the top of a 5 foot Gopher snake 😳 I think that kind of sums up how any sense of fear can greatly affect our assessment of the bigger picture ..... ohh, and that I need to work on my reflexes! 😜⁣

Like with a lot of my wildlife shots, I didn’t know what variety this one was at the time of shooting it. If I’m honest, I’m not particularly fond of snakes - I do have respect for them, but not any great love. That could stem from a long standing bitterness I hold at the number of dogs and aviary birds I’ve lost to them over the years. 😢 All that said, I do have a fearful fascination of them and was engrossed with this one as I was shooting it. ⁣

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