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While despair divides us; hope unites us.

While I was looking through my photo's today, I found this one and remembered how excited I was taking it. And while it's not a particularly spectacular shot, I still feel the same sense of joy at seeing it now as I did when I took it. When I look at the scene, as I did back then, I don't see the falling rocks or landslide of shale that detract from the stunning canyon; I do notice them, but what I see - all I can see: is the heart.⁣

Sights and sounds of despair surround us. Every day seems to have more bad news piled on top of what we were grappling to comprehend yesterday. Like never before, information and guidance have become a crucial part of our very survival.... but what if all we see and take in with this data is negative? How long can our spirit hold up to the erosion from the unrelenting melancholy? ⁣

There are signs of hope and love everywhere, all we need to do is look. Whether it's a heart in a rock formation or a flower growing out of a tiny crack in the pavement, Mother nature inherently wants us to know that things will be ok. Of course, the gloom and doom will still be there, striving to take centre stage under the umbrella of information and possibility. It's only when we start relegating the attention-seeking misery and woe to our peripheral vision that our 20/20 view on life will be seen through the lenses of hope. ⁣

Wishing you all a million little signs of love, light and hope.💫💜⁣

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